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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have regarding our printing processes. Click on each question to open or close it.

To get a quote you can either call us or use our, “Upload a File” form (located at the top right of the page). We will need to know the size, material, color specs, single or double-sided and how many you need. 

We accept pdfs, jpg, png, tiff, ai, eps, svg, and indd. 

However, we prefer and recommend that you send a pdf with linked artwork and outlined or embedded fonts.

If your file contains missing links or fonts that we cannot aquire without purchasing, then you will be asked to send us a corrected file, which will delay the printing time. 

We prefer files be built in CMYK color mode. This ensures consistent color throughout the entire process.

However, we will accept an RGB file, but color may change and not look satisfactory.

We recommend a DPI or PPI of 300 or more, which will give great results on a variety of sizes.

If the dpi or ppi is less than 300, then the artwork will not look good printed at larger sizes. The end result will look pixelated, with lost resolution. 

The margin is the safe space away from the cut line or finished size. 

For example, If the finished size of the business card is 3.5×2, then you would set your margin to at least .125 in from the finished size. So the margin would be set at 3.25×1.75. This ensures that all necessary information does not get cut off. See example below:


If your file’s artwork goes to the edge of the finished size, then you will need to add .125 bleed. This will ensure the finished print will be cut the way the artwork intends. If your design has a white background, then bleed is not needed.

For example, if you are designing a business card that’s sized 3.5×2, then you would make the total size 3.75×2.25 and extend the background or images to fit that size. Everything you want on the business card will remain inside the finished size of 3.5×2. See example below: 

We prefer that you convert all spot colors to CMYK before sending us the file. However, If you prefer your design printed with a spot color, then we recommend bringing in a sample that can be color matched.

Yes. On the Templates page there are jpeg templates for multiple products. They are sorted by product and size.

Yes. When sending us a file from Canva, please make sure that the file is saved as a, “Print PDF” and artwork that goes to the edge is extended another 8th of an inch or .125 for bleed. 

When you’re finished with the design, click on, “file”. A dropdown will appear and you will see the, “Download” link. Click on “Download” and another pop up will appear on the right side of the screen. 

Under file type, select, “Print PDF”. You can also select, “Crop marks and bleed” underneath file type. 

Select “All Pages”, then under color profile, select, “CMYK”. If you aren’t able to select CMYK, then leave it RGB. Click on, “Download” to download the design.

Note: All RGB files are converted to CMYK for printing. So colors will not look the same once printed.